Best Universal Roof Racks

10 Best Universal Roof Racks

With the increasing population in our cities, there is a growing need for compacted vehicles. And as much as small vehicles may be desired, we still need extra storage space. And this is where roof racks come in.

However, getting the right roof rack can be overwhelming – some may not be reliable for heavy cargo and others can destroy your roof giving you extra unwanted expenses.

The best universal roof racks should be durable, easy to maintain, and most important, easily interchangeable between vehicles.

Below is a list of some of the best universal luggage racks. Check them out.

​10 Reliable Universal Roof Racks to Buy


​Yakima Showcase Cargo Box

Are you a modern day traveler? The Yakima roof-top cargo box could just be the thing for you. It has a sleek design with clean lines that will most definitely improve your car’s aesthetics. It’s quite easy to set up and provides enough extra storage space for off-road trips.

Depending on your needs, it comes in two options – a larger 20 cubic feet for longer outdoor excursions and a smaller 15 cubic feet for quick trips outside town.

Choosing The Best Universal Roof Racks

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​Go Rhino Roof Rack

Go Rhino 59017T SR10 Series Textured Black 60" x 40" Roof Rack with Black Fairing (Large)
  • Fully welded tubular steel frame Installs over factory or aftermarket cross bars
  • Front fairing for improved aerodynamics
  • Side plate feature tie down points to secure load
  • Ideal for use with luggage bags or straps

What is that you say? “There can never be enough space to pack all your camping equipment?” Then you’ve probably never used the Go Rhino Roof Rack. It comes with a spacious basket that can handle just about anything you throw its way, making it perfect for an off-road fanatic.

The racks are fixed with LED lights to help you strap things up at night as well as provide light at your campsite.

Best Universal Roof Racks

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​Rage Powersports Vehicle Roof Cargo Bar Pair

Rage Powersports Apex RB-DLX-1001-01 3 Piece Cargo Kit, Roof Basket, Load Bars & Storage Bag
  • Apex all-in-one cargo kit includes Apex cross bars, Apex cargo basket, Apex soft-sided cargo bag for easy transportation of camping equipment, luggage, sports gear and more
  • RB-DLX-V2 Apex cargo basket: Measures 43.5" x 39" x 6"; 150 lb weight capacity
  • RB-1001-49 Apex cross bars: Fit existing side rails up to 1.75" W x 1.5" H with a max. 50" distance between bars; 2" minimum side rail height
  • RBG-01 Apex cargo bag: Measures 38" x 38" x 18"; 15 cubic feet capacity
  • Cargo bag is weather-resistant for travel in any weather conditions

If you have preinstalled rails, you can use this rack and convert your car’s top into a cargo rack for extra space. You also don’t have to worry about the safety of your cargo as it comes with adjustable clamps and locks that will properly secure your luggage in place.

Additionally, the Rage Cargo Bar is fitted with rubber fittings to offer better grip.

Best Universal Roof Racks

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​​Thule Hullavator Pro Carrier

Thule 898000 Hullavator Pro Kayak/Canoe Carrier
  • Enables you to load and unload the kayak independently thanks to the auxiliary gas struts that raise and lighten the kayak by 18kg.
  • Load/unload the kayak using waist-height straps; supported by two extendible arms the kayak can be lowered by up to a metre.
  • Maximum protection of the kayak with 8 padded contact points.
  • Each hullavator carries 1 kayak. You can carry 2 kayaks on the roof by attaching 2 hullavators.
  • For kayaks up to 80cm wide and 35kg.

This Thule roof rack is both sturdy and wide, perfect for surfboards, kayaks, and boats. Its stern and bow mounts make it easy for you to strap your luggage on while offering the much-needed extra security for your cargo.

Best Universal Roof Racks

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​Malone SeaWing Universal Car Rack

Malone SeaWing Saddle Style Universal Car Rack Kayak Carrier with Bow and Stern Lines
  • Low-profile kayak/cargo carrier with single saddle design
  • Easy-to-set-up mid-point mounting takes up minimal roof space
  • Flexes gently to cradle boat and improve gas mileage
  • Jawz mounting hardware fits round, square, and most factory oval cross rails
  • Measures 27 x 5 x 6 inches (W x H x D); supports up to 70 pounds

This is the excellent choice for kayakers. It can carry up to two kayaks depending on the width of your car. You don’t need to worry about the stability of your cargo as this roof rack is fitted with stern and bow straps that will hold it in place. It is also cost-effective and easily adaptable.

Choosing The Best Universal Roof Racks

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​Heavy Duty Vehicle Cargo Basket

Apex ER-08208S Heavy Duty Vehicle Roof Cargo Basket with Wind Fairing
  • Attaches to an existing vehicle roof rack cross bars to provide extra storage capacity up to 150 lbs
  • Provides many tie-down point locations, great for securing gear with cargo nets
  • Mounting requires at least 1.25" from vehicle roof to cross bars, with 21-30" spacing distance betwe
  • Heavy duty 1" outside diameter tube steel frame (0.5" inside diameter) with a black paint finish
  • Assembly is required, hardware is included

This is one of the easiest and most straightforward universal car top roof racks to set up. It is well-built from steel, can carry up to 150 pounds of weight, and has a wind deflector.

It is fitted with rubber sleeves to prevent contact with water which may cause rust.

Best Universal Roof Racks

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​Curt Roof Mounted Cargo Rack

CURT 18115 Universal 42 x 37-Inch Black Steel Roof Rack Rooftop Cargo Carrier
  • ENHANCED SECURITY. This rooftop cargo carrier has 4-inch high walls to keep items securely in place. It also features a windshield on the front to protect cargo from high-speed winds during travel
  • EASY TO USE. Adding cargo space to your vehicle is easy with this rooftop cargo carrier. It frees up the inside of your vehicle for other cargo or passengers. It can also accept a cargo net or cargo bag for increased item security
  • UNIVERSAL FIT. This rooftop cargo carrier securely attaches to most roof rack rails, using simple, universal brackets. The roof basket comes in two pieces and assembles quickly with the included hardware
  • DURABLE BUILD. This roof rack basket is constructed from tubular steel to promote high strength and a lightweight design. It is also finished with an E-coat and carbide black powder coat for long-lasting corrosion resistance
  • EXPANDABLE. Great as a car roof rack, this cargo carrier is expandable. With the separate extension piece CURT #18117, the usable square footage goes from 11 sq. ft. to nearly 17 sq. ft

The fact that they come in two large halves, makes it’s one of the easiest universal car roof racks to install. It is light and has mounting brackets which are expandable by up to 21 inches.

Its aerodynamic design reduces drag and allows you to speed up quite easily. With a durable powder coating, the Curt Cargo Rack is protected from corrosion and rust. Additionally, the rails on the rack have anchorage points just for extra security and cargo stability.

Best Universal Roof Racks

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​CargoLoc Roof Top Rack

CargoLoc 32531 Rooftop Cargo Basket,Black
  • 44" x 34" x 4.5" Steel Cargo Basket - 150 lbs

The CargoLoc roof rack is yet another light universal car roof rack. It’s made of aluminum, easy to install, and can support up to 150 pounds of weight.

It’s one of the safest – it’s lockable and spacious – making it an ideal choice for long-distance travelers. It also comes with a lifetime warranty to guarantee you durability and performance.

Choosing The Best Universal Roof Racks

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​Rage Powersports

Rage Powersports Elevate Outdoor RB-7206 Slim Low-Profile Car Roof Rack Camping Cargo Basket
  • Add storage space by mounting this cargo basket to your vehicle's exisitng cross bars
  • Measures 39" L x 36" W x 2.75" H; maximum 150 lb weight capacity
  • Fits cross bars 3.25" to 3.75" W and 0.75" to 1.625" H
  • Simple assembly and installation
  • Powder-coated square steel frame

If you are looking for a spacious car roof rack, you should consider the Rage Powersports roof rack. It is lightweight with convenient mounting and can fit on up to 50-inch-wide car tops.

It comes with four adjustment and lockable knobs, making it easy to setup and secure your cargo. It also has ribbed rubber inserts which give your cargo the much-needed grip.

Best Universal Roof Racks

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​Thule Canyon Cargo Basket

Thule Canyon Cargo Basket
  • Wedge-shaped low profile design combines style and function with tapered side walls making it easier to load and unload
  • Wind fairing is included to help airflow over your cargo
  • Accessory Crossbars allow you to carry additional equipment or stabilize your cargo
  • Basket Extension extends the cargo area by 20"
  • Fits a broad range of vehicles with versatile mounting hardware and includes t-track mounting for Thule AeroBlade and Thule Xsporter bars

This Thule roof rack is universal, durable, and rust resistant. It’s spacious enough to hold your camping gear and has mounts to hold everything in place off-road.

It’s also one of the most affordable on the list.

Best Universal Roof Racks

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​Getting Extra Space for Cargo Has Never Been This Easy

A good roof rack will enable you to move with your luggage conveniently. Based on your requirements and situations, you need to consider things like durability, quality of material, size, ease of installation, and affordability.

However, with these ten universal car roof racks, you can never go wrong.

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