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If you use your computer frequently, your keyboard may begin to tilt or rattle. When this occurs, choosing the best mount plate stabilizer to buy and install can be difficult to ensure it continues to function properly. Without keyboard stabilizers, your keyboard won’t work properly. They are a necessary component of a keyboard. To improve stability while typing, they are positioned beneath the large keys, such as the space bars, shift, backspace, and enter keys.

There are some low-quality stabilizers on the market. They will offer you a short service life filing to give you value for your money. The low-quality goods are also noisy, making it challenging to focus on your work. For this reason, the best plate mount stabilizer is required for effective operation.

The easiest stabilizers to install are those. They are made of strong, long-lasting materials that are built to last. Additionally, the products have great stability, which lessens keyboard noise and rattling. Some design elements like color schemes and gold plate coating make them look better. Here is a list of the top plate mount stabilizer for keyboards we’ve put together in this article. Look it up!

The plate mount stabilizers With Specifications

1. ZugGear DUROCK Smokey Plate Mount Stabilizer with Gold-Plated Wires Compatible with Cherry MX Plate Stabilizers (DUROCK Smokey Plate Stabs 80% Kit)

Features :

  • DUROCK Smokey Plate Mount Stabilizers Designed for MX-compatible Plates.
  • Gold-plated Stainless Steel Wires — Oxidation Resistance and Nice Appearance.
  • Polymer Polycarbonate Housing and Stem, specially made to reduce stripping of the threads.
  • Smokey housings and the Golden Wires set gives your board a Cool and golden edge.
  • Fits for 80% Keyboard Plate (2u x4, 6.25u x1, 7u Wire only x1)

Additional Info :

Color Smokey Plate Mount 80% Kit

2. DUROCK Transparent Clear Plate Mount Stabilizer, 2U 6.25U 7U Gold-Plated Wires Compatible with Cherry MX Plate Stabilizers (Clear Plate Stabs 60/87 Keyboard Kit)

Features :

  • DUROCK Clear Plate Mount Stabilizers is redesigned for Cherry MX Stabilizers Compatible Plates, specially made to reduce wires popping.
  • Well-Selected Premium Polymer Polycarbonate Housing and Stem are able to be Full Clear color as DUROCK V2 screw Stabilizers to match any boards and get the most lighting through.
  • The Stem / Slider of DUROCK Stabs is with a flat bottom design which is different from Genuine Cherry Plate Mount Stabilizers, no necessary to clip again.
  • Gold-plated Stainless steel wire is sourced from Korea, with higher hardness and oxidation resistance, brings your boards a golden edge.
  • DUROCK Clear Plate Stabilizer fits for 80% TKL Keyboard Set ( 2ux4, 6.25ux1, 7u Wirex1)

Additional Info :

Color Clear Plate Stabs 60/87 Keyboard Kit

3. Asceny Plate Mount Stabilizers for Mechanical Keyboards (No Numpad Kit)

Features :

  • Designed to fix the rattling nature of other plate-mount stabilizers.
  • Achieve results that were previously only possible with PCB mount keyboards while maintaining the ease of use and assembly of the plate-mount design.
  • High quality polymer nylon injection and gold-plated wires.
  • No-clips design, there is no need to cut anything.
  • Includes four pieces of 2-U, one piece of of 6.25-U, and one piece of 7U.

4. EG Everglide Panda Stabilizer Gold Plated Plate Mounted Black White Stabilizer for Custom Mechanical Keyboard Plate IK75 YC66 Zeeyoo 68 YC96 Womier (EG Panda for 104 x1)

Features :

  • Everglide Panda Gold-Plated Plate Mounted Stabilizers
  • Pls pay attentions: Plate Mounted Stabilizer only; If you choose GH60 or 104 Plus, 7U only contain a wire:) Not PCB stabilizer !
  • Designed for MX-compatible Plate
  • Stainless steel wire is made of alloy material, with gold plated tech, it has higher hardness and oxidation resistance.
  • Stabilizer is made of polymer Materials which can bring better light transmission and hardness.
  • Made with high precision mold which can effectively reduce noise when typing

Additional Info :

Color EG Panda for 104 x1

5. New Fashion Kingdom Snapin Stabilizers Plate Mounted Mechanical Keyboard Customized Repair Plate Stabilizer 2U6.25U Stabilizers for Mechanical Keyboard GreenLemoncolor

Features :

  • Designed for MX-compatible Plate, the satellite axis is fixed on the positioning board, not on the PCB main board.
  • Made of POM material, smoother than ordinary materials.
  • The gold-plated stainless steel wire have high hardness and strong oxidation resistance.
  • Key Position: delete key (2u), enter key (2u), left and right Shift (2u), space key (6.25u).
  • Products Include: 2u x 4 sets , 6.25u x 1 set. PCB satellite axis is specially designed to be compatible with MX, suitable for 61 /64 /68 /84 /87/104/108 key keyboard.

Additional Info :

6. DROP Everglide Panda Gold-Plate Mounted Stabilizer Set for Custom Mechanical Keyboard – for MX-Compatible PCBs – (7) 2u, (1) 6.25u, (1) 7u Stabilizers

Features :

  • GO FOR THE GOLD: Take your PCBA one step closer to a completed board with a set of Panda Gold-Plated Stabilizers from Everglide
  • TRUE TO THEIR NAME: These stabilizers feature gold-plated alloy wires, which have superior hardness and oxidation resistance compared to traditional metal wires
  • HIGH-PRECISION: The stabilizers themselves are made from a lightweight and durable polymer and manufactured in a high-precision frame to minimize noise when typing
  • COMPATIBILITY: Everglide Panda stabilizers are compatible with plate-mounted, MX-compatible PCBs
  • INCLUDED: 7 2u stabilizers, 1 6.25u stabilizer, and 1 7u stabilizer wire and stabilizer housings

Additional Info :

Color Gold
Release Date 2021-11-11T00:00:01Z

7. Plate Mount Stabilizers,6.25u 2u Translucent housing,Customized Stabilizers for MX Mechanical Keyboard(Translucent red 104/108)

Features :

  • 〖Plate Mount Stabilizers〗:Custom stabilizer specifically designed for MX mechanical keyboards.
  • 〖High quality nylon material〗:The use of high-quality nylon transparent material shell smoother, Makes it more difficult for the threads to come off.
  • 〖Multiple color options〗:There are 4 colors to choose from to give your keyboard a unique color, and the translucent design makes the LED lighting work better.
  • 〖Stainless steel wire〗:Stainless steel material to avoid oxidation and corrosion for long-term use.
  • 〖Customized packaging〗:The use of custom packaging box to better protect the goods, the box can also be used as storage.

Additional Info :

Color red

8. Everglide Panda Black White Gold Plated Plate Mounted Stabilizer for Custom Mechanical Keyboard Plate YC66 Zeeyoo 68 YC96 Womier (Panda S 104 x1)

Features :

  • Everglide Panda Gold-Plated Plate Mounted Stabilizers
  • Pls pay attentions: Plate Mounted Stabilizer only; If you choose GH60 or 104 Plus, 7U only contain a wire:)
  • Not PCB stabilizer !
  • Designed for MX-compatible Plate
  • Stainless steel wire is made of alloy material, with gold plated tech, it has higher hardness and oxidation resistance.
  • Stabilizer is made of polymer Materials which can bring better light transmission and hardness.
  • Made with high precision mold which can effectively reduce noise when typing

9. CuXiu CuXiukeys Stabilizer Plate Mounted Mechanical Keyboard Customized Repair Plate Stabilizer Stabilizers for Mechanical Keyboard (4-2u 6.25U)

Features :

  • Designed for MX-compatible Plate
  • Stainless steel wire is made of alloy material, it has higher hardness and oxidation resistance
  • The outer casing and parts, specifically made to prevent stripping of the threads
  • Made of POM material, smoother than ordinary materials
  • 4*2u+1*6.25U to compatible with GH60 64 65 68 75 87 keybord

Additional Info :

10. EPOMAKER Everglide Panda V3 Gold-Plate Mounted Stabilizer Set with Gold-Plated Alloy Wire, for Custom Mechanical Keyboard (Blue)

Features :

  • 【Everglide Upgraded Plate-Mounted Stabs】Compared with the previous versions, the Panda V3 stabs have been enhanced by applying PC to build the housing and stems, and are crafted as plate-mounted to suit a majority mechanical keyboards in the market. They are perfect for those who feel like to enhance the typing experience with their keyboards
  • 【High-Caliber Built with Gold-Plate Stainless Steel Wire】 The Everglide Panda V3 Stabilizers set comes with seven pieces of 2u, one of 6.25u and a 7u wire. They are refined tuned with stainless steel wires, which feature a more reliable oxidation resistance compared to other metals. Being gold plated, the stabilizer makes sure reducing the rattle feeling and sound as well as increasing the durability and presenting a pleasing typing experience
  • 【Compatible with MX Structure Plate】The Everglide Panda V3 Stabilizers are manufactured with general MX structure so that they can fit most keycaps with (X) cross clones. This structure greatly improves the compatibility and you can feel free to change the switches and remake your own keyboard
  • 【About EPOMAKER】Composed of a team of young gamers, software engineers, and product designers who are also mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, we set out to develop the best products that encapsulate personality, functionality, and affordability. Over the years, we have developed our own customizable mechanical keyboard around the world. Get your keyboard something new and functional with the gadgets now!

Additional Info :

Color Blue

What Are Plate-Mounted Stabilizers?

The vast majority of mechanical keyboards on the market today are constructed with plate-mount stabilizers. It is the most typical method of mounting keyboards.

According to its name, stabilizers are attached to the metal plate rather than the PCB in this type of mounting. A metal plate is located directly above the printed circuit board in a keyboard.

In contrast to other mounting methods where the stabilizers are clipped to the PCB, plate-mounting involves the stabilizers being attached to the metal plate.

Both benefits and drawbacks are associated with this mounting method. When you press on the key, the plate vibrates, which causes it to ratchet more. However, you can easily prevent rattling by clipping them and applying lube or a band-aid.

In essence, plate-mount stabilizers are plastic clips that attach to the metal mounting of the plate. Simply snap it into the metal plate. They can give your board more stability and a nice finishing touch, both of which are necessary for gaming.

These plates are the best choice for beginners because they are significantly less expensive than other stabilizers. Plate-mount stabilizers, as opposed to screws, are simple to take out if they are no longer required.

They are of excellent value and have a long lifespan. Additionally, you’ll be able to replace them whenever you want easily. It is, all things considered, an economical gaming option.

How Many Plate Mount Stabilizers Do You Need?

There are three different sizes of plate mount stabilizers: 7u, 6.25u, and 2u. Here, 1u refers to the width of a single keycap.

As you might have guessed, the space bar works best with sizes 7u and 6.25u, while smaller keys like entering, shift, and backspace work well with keys of size 2u.

  • Standard/Full-Size Keyboard: This type of keyboard comes with seven 2u stabilizers and one 6.25u stabilizer (6.25u X 1 and 2u X 7).
  • Tenkeyless/ Custom Keyboard: For this type of keyboard, you will get one 7u and four 2u stabilizers (7u X 1 and 2u X 4).

The layout of the keyboard will determine how many stabilizers you need. So before purchasing stabilizers, be sure to check the size and layout.

What to Look for in a Good Plate Mount Stabilizer

You can’t type and work effectively without plate mount stabilizers. They are positioned beneath larger keys on the keyboard to stabilize them and stop them from shaking while you type. The metal plates on the keyboard are where the stabilizers are fastened. It might be difficult to choose the best one because they come in various sizes, shapes, and designs.

To increase stability, it would be best if you greased these stabilizers. Before installation, clipping them also lessens shaking. Here are some things to think about when choosing a plate mount stabilizer.


The top plate mount stabilizers ought to be simple to install. To avoid purchasing different parts that might not be compatible during mounting, they should be thoroughly assembled with all parts on hand. In order to save time and prevent damaging the product, it is best if the legs are already clipped.


The plate mount stabilizer was made of what material? The strongest material is one that won’t tilt or ratchet. In order to give you value for your money, it should also be durable. To stop oxidation, some plate mount stabilizers have a gold coating. The coat is necessary for a product’s extended service life because oxidation shortens its useful life.


The significance of selecting the appropriate stabilizer size cannot be overstated. The top plate mount stabilizers have several sizes, including 2u, 6.25u, and 7u. The 6.25u works best with regular spacebars. For a full-size keyboard, you will require one 6.25u stabilizer and seven pieces of 2u stabilizers. If your keyboard is tenkeyless, you will also require a piece of 6.25u stabilizer and four pieces of 2u stabilizers.


Are plate mount stabilizers effective?

Plate mount stabilizers do work, though. If they are not already clipped, you only need to lubricate and clip them to stop them from rattling while you type. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. It is crucial to comprehend your keyboard’s features to choose the best keyboard.

Which are the other types of keyboard stabilizers?

Stabilizers come in a variety of forms that you can apply to your keyboard. These consist of costar, cherry style, and optical. For optical switch keyboards, optical stabilizers are necessary. They are made with teeny clips that attach to the keycap of the keyboard stabilizer. It stops rattling when you lubricate them.

Different colors, mounting options, and materials are offered for cherry-style stabilizers. They have a Cherry MX stem, and to lessen noise and tilting, you can screw, snap, or plate mount them. They are excellent for various keyboards because they are robust and versatile.

Coaster stabilizers are very effective and don’t need to be modified. They can last a long time because they are strong and inexpensive. They are not, however, the best option for those who like to remove their keycaps for cleaning because they are challenging to install and maintain.

What is the importance of having a keyboard stabilizer?

Stabilizers for the keyboard are necessary to stop rattling while typing. You can type quickly and more effectively, thanks to them. Additionally, because of their accuracy, they are vital for gamers.

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