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Upgrade Your Car with These LED Car Lighting Kits

For many of us, we heavily depend on our cars to get through each and every day. Therefore, upgrading your car’s lighting provides substantial benefits including increased safety and visibility when driving in the dark.

Moreover, adding interior lighting will allow you to easily deal with impromptu paperwork like logbooks, accessing equipment, and loading items.

Over the years, LED light kits for cars have emerged to be the go-to solution when it comes to upgrading your car’s lighting. But what makes LEDs the most preferred option?

Why Upgrade to LED Car Lights?

You have probably heard about upgrading your home’s interior lighting with LED bulbs. But why should you trade out your old exterior and interior car lighting for LED lights? Here are 3 great reasons.

1. Saves Energy

LEDs are designed to use very little power. This gives you longer bulb life and, as a result, you won’t have to replace your car’s bulb every now and then.

Additionally, since they produce more illumination-per-watt than other alternatives in the market, you can be guaranteed of an efficient and fully functioning car battery.

2. Brighter and Cleaner Light

Nothing can match the clean, white light produced by LEDs. Whether you are getting in the car at night or searching for a coin that dropped on the car’s floorboard, LED makes the job easier and safer.

3. Variety

LEDs come in a wide range of colors and themes – there’s something for everyone. So if you want party lights for your interiors, you can choose from a variety of LED club car light kits.

Such kits give your car an updated personalized look and feel for you and your passengers to enjoy.

4. Ruggedness

Since LEDs eschew the conventional glass bulb format, they are significantly more resistant to damage and, therefore, can endure more abuse from impacts, vibrations, and other environmental hazards unlike HID and halogen light bulbs.

Because of this ruggedness, LED lights are used in off-road vehicles.

Best LED Car Light Kits to Buy

LED Car Lighting Kits

Here are some of the best interior, exterior, and under-car lighting kits on the market:

1. JDM Super Bright HighPower 5630

Being one of the best car light brands in the market, JDM ASTAR products will guarantee you great performance and durability. The HighPower 5630 is no exception. This LED set has a unique design and is ultimately one of the best-valued LED car light kits.

It has a bright illumination that’s perfect for all types of applications – from the map to dashboard lights, AC system lights to parking lights, high-amount brakes to tail lights – basically everything.

2. MicTuning 3528 White Festoon Car Light Kit

The MicTuning car light kit has the perfect balance of efficacy and design. It is perfect for 180° car lighting which means that it can be used for the trunk, map, dome, as well as the exterior front floodlights and backlights.

They have an easy-to-use design with great shock resistance. This makes them a great choice for extreme sports vehicles.

3. JDM ASTAR Superbright AX-2835

The Superbright car light kit is known for its color temperature with Xenon white light feature. This means that they produce clean, white light with no hint of purple/blue light and it’s easy on the eyes.

If you are looking for a car light kit that will upgrade the look of your car’s interior, look no further than the JDM Super Bright.

4. LUYED Super Bright 3014

With the LUYED 3014, you will never fumble in the dark. The bulb is made up of tiny LEDs that are nicely arranged in four strips to produce pure Xenon white light.

5. Philip Festoon Bright White Car Light Kit

This car light kit comes in several sizes depending on where it’s installed in your car. It has a color temperature feature for both exterior and interior lighting, and can withstand moisture and shock. It’s suitable for 360° car lighting, so it can be used anywhere in the car.

How to Upgrade Your Car’s Interior Lighting

LED lights can be used in the car’s dome, glove box, map, trunk, and step. The accessibility of the bulb in these areas will depend on your car’s model or make.

In most cases, you’ll find a clear plastic or glass lens cover held in place by some screws or plastic clips. If this is the case, use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and carefully pry off the cover to access the bulb.

In some vehicles, the map and dome light bulbs are housed in a unit that’s held in place with large metal clips. Detaching these units may need a little more skill and time, but a screwdriver should get the job done. Once you have successfully removed the light units or lens cover, you can replace the old bulbs with new LEDs.

If possible, double check the lights before replacing them on the light units. Just like a battery, LED bulbs have negative and positive polarity. So if they don’t work at first, you might want to turn them around and try again.

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