How To Remove Power Steering Pulley

How To Remove Power Steering Pulley

When you have a vehicle, you ought to know how crucial a power steering pulley is. All the power steering pump in your vehicle gets entirely driven by this pulley.

A belt that can be V-shaped or a winding one executed the performance of the pulley. This pulley is made to generate works faster than the engine in your vehicle.

Shows how important the part is. So, when it gets damaged or destroyed, you need to replace it. But how? Do you know how to remove power steering pulley?

It might sound harsh, but you can complete the purpose with a power steering pulley removal set. Even a socket and wrench set can serve the purpose.

Required Tools

When your mission is to remove the power steering pulley, you cannot do it with your bare hand. Get the enlisted tools for the purpose and solve the removal with ease.

  • Socket set
  • Wrench set (electrical or manual)
  • Power steering pulley removal or installation toolset
  • Gloves

How To Remove Power Steering Pulley Steps By Steps

Enough of searching up for solutions on multiple platforms! When a simple thing like removing the power steering pulley can be readily available, why would you crave it at different places?

Also, there is no meaning in spending your bucks on hiring someone for the purpose. Instead, take a chill with that and do the work on your own.

How? Here are some of the most convenient steps you can follow to remove the pulley of your vehicle. The experts have implemented the steps and got the most feasible outcome.

You, even as a beginner, will find ease at maintaining them. Without any more discussion, let’s jump into the steps and know the correct purpose.

How To Remove Power Steering Pulley

Step 1: Assuring Self Safety First

Remove the battery connection of your vehicle. Then, carry up the front side of your car to access the part. This is the prime step to assure your and your vehicle’s parts’ safety at best.

Also, assure that your car remains in a stable position. Thus, use wheel chocks at the back wheel to firm that.

Step 2: Assuring Engine Safety

Not every car or vehicle will have engine covers. If your one has it, remove it. The parts can be anything like engine fan, radiator fan, etc. The more you loosen up the area, the more compatible it gets for you to do the work.

Step 3: Drive Pulley Removal

The first thing you got to do is remove the main drive pulley. The connection allows to generate the internal pump and perform its function. Thus, you need to be careful in doing so.

Make sure you don’t damage the serpentine belt. Otherwise, the power from the pump will not be distributed among the other parts.

Step 4: Creating Room for Work

You need to clear the pump mounting bracket in the next step. As you’ll be needing enough room and space for the primary purpose, it is better to create one by removing the bracket.

Step 5: Grabbing the Pulley

With the help of a threaded bolt, connect it with the small lug. Make sure there remains no cutting or leaking of the associate parts of the pulley.

Step 6: Using Wrench to Avoid Any Risk

While doing the operations, there are high possibilities that the nut you are using can get spin or slip. That’s why a wrench of 13/16″ is highly recommended to use. This will prevent all kinds of the possibility of any accidental issues. 

Step 7: Nut and Bolt Operation

Attaching the nuts to the bolts, thread it on the pulley. You’ll see that majority of the pulley gets gripped by the nut. Assuring a firm and confined fixation, your task of removing the pulley becomes more accessible than ever.

 Make sure to slide the ring cover to keep everything stable. Even when you fit a pulley back in it, you won’t get any hassle or complications.

Step 8: Loosen The Pulley

Unscrew the pulley with the help of a manual socket wrench. You can even use an electric power wrench to make the task easier and less time-consuming. Ultimately, use whatever you feel comfortable with.

Step 9: Remove The Pulley

Detach the pulley slowly. Watch out for the associated parts and connections. Make sure you don’t make any kind of cut or disconnection of the wirings. Otherwise, you’ll be facing problems later on from other parts.

FAQs: How To Remove Power Steering Pulley

1. How To Use a Power Steering Pulley Puller Ideally?

Using a set of power steering pulley pullers is of no complication. Think of it as many separate tools serving you as a whole unit. The majority of your work will be done then.

As you’ll be finding various tools in the set, you need to implement them accordingly, like using the wrench to tighten up, the nut and bolt to grip the pulley, etc. Use them accordingly, and the best result will come in no time.

2. What Is The Sound of a Failed Power Pulley?

Typically, you’ll hear rattling sounds from the pulley when it is broken or cannot sustain anymore. Chirping or squeaking sound arises when it tumbles with other particles and breaks out from its usual position.

3. What Is The Cost of a Power Steering Pulley Puller?

The cost of the set starts from $20. As the quality develops, you need to pay more for it. At best, it costs around $70 for the most premium one.

4. What Is The Cost of a Power Steering Pulley?

Like other parts of the car, the power steering pulley is expensive and requires reasonable labor cost to fix it. The pulley will cost you anywhere around $150 (the best one). Again, fixing it will cost you another 100 or 200 bucks. So, better do the work by yourself.

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There is no scope to deny how easy it is to remove the power steering pulley. All you need is just some tools and proper guidance. You get the tool from the market, and we have already provided you with the best guide.

Understand the process and apply it today to save some bucks and get closer to your vehicle parts and maintenance all by yourself.

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