Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting: What You Need to Know

As a driver, you experience all kinds of weather from sunrise to sunset, throughout the year. These weather fluctuations have the potential to affect your driving safety and comfort.

On hot and sunny days, in particular, two weather elements can ruin your driving experience – excessive glare caused by the sun and solar heat build-up inside your car.

When sunlight penetrates through your car windows and shines directly into your eyes, you may not be able to clearly see the road ahead of you. When you don’t have a clear view of the road, you may easily cause an accident.

Avoiding excessive sun glare is critical to staying safe on the road.

Is solar heat accumulation in your car also a safety hazard?

A build-up of unwanted heat inside your car on hot days may not be a road safety issue, but it can definitely make driving a sweaty and uncomfortable affair. A significant amount of the heat that accumulates in car interiors on sunny days is transmitted through the windows.

Adding some sort of sun protection to your windows can help minimize solar heat gain inside your vehicle, and reduce the risk of overworking your auto air conditioning system.

Fortunately, there’s a way to make driving into the sun safer and more comfortable. Have you heard about car window tinting? This may be the ultimate solution needed to stop the sun from interfering with your driving experience.

What is Car Window Tinting?

Car Window Tinting

Tinting car windows has become quite common in the auto world. It involves installing laminates or films on car windows to add privacy and protect car interiors from the sun.

Traditionally, car window tint installation has been done using window-darkening films. But with the advent of clear tint, the tint on car windows need not be dark.

Clear tint provides the same benefits as conventional window tint, but without creating the window-darkening effect associated with traditional tint.

How to Tint Car Windows

Car window tint installation can be carried out in two ways – professionally or as a do-it-yourself job. Both options have a unique blend of benefits and disadvantages, which you should know about before deciding on how to get the job done.

DIY Car Window Tint Installation

Installing a window tint on your car may seem like a cinch, but it requires great attention to detail to do properly.

There are many DIY window tint kits available for people who’d like to apply tint film themselves. From first-time installers to seasoned do-it-yourselfers, there is a product for virtually everyone.

You will probably want to avoid bubbles and crinkles when applying the tint, so it is important to choose a DIY tint kit designed for your specific car model, that matches your level of skill.

Each kit comes with a set of user instructions provided by the kit manufacturer. Be sure to follow the instructions in your kit to the letter for best results.

The biggest downside of DIY car window tint installation is that you may have to pay a professional to remove and reapply auto window tint if you mess up the job the first time.

Professional Car Window Tint Installation

For those who are not up to the task of installing an auto tint on their windows, there’s always the option to hire a professional to do the job.

Hiring a pro involves paying out money, but removes the guesswork from window tinting so that the job is done properly the first time.

Professional car window tint installers undergo specialized training so they can handle all aspects of auto window tinting jobs properly.

From selecting high-quality, correct size films, to prepping your windows for tint application, to the application of tint on the windows, a professional auto tint installer will ensure they do everything to achieve the best results.

Car Window Tinting Prices

If you’re going to install auto window tinting films yourself, you’ll save on labor costs. You’ll only spend money buying a DIY window tint kit.

If you enlist the help of a professional installer, you should be ready to pay for their services.

So, how much does it cost to tint your car windows professionally?

The cost of auto window tinting varies by car model. This means that the professionals will charge you based on the type of car you drive.

Keep in mind that quotes for the same car may vary from company to company. Therefore, it is always a good idea to ask for free quotes from various companies and then choose the best quote.

Is Auto Window Tinting Worth Your Money?

If you’re looking for a way to improve your driving safety and comfort, and add privacy to your car interiors, installing tint on your car windows is a small investment that can pay off really well.

If you need help with your project, don’t hesitate to turn to a seasoned auto window tint installer for help.

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