Nothing can take the fun out of driving like riding around in a car that’s lost its luster. It may pain you to admit it, but if you don’t feel like your ride’s been turning heads the way it used to, it could be time for an upgrade of sorts. Fortunately, the whole pimping out process doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Adding some car pinstripes, for example, is a fairly cheap and easy way to give your car that sleek, customized look.

Here, we’ll look at some car pinstriping techniques as well as several car pinstripe must-haves.


Breaking Down the Different Car Pinstriping Methods

Whether it’s a car, a boat, a motorcycle, or even a 10-speed bike, any sort of vehicle can be pinstriped in some capacity. As far as most cars are concerned, pinstripes are usually formed by special paint or thin pieces of vinyl tape. Pin stripes can be decorative, complimenting your car’s contours, or they can hide any scratches or dings on your car’s body.

Freehand pinstriping, mechanical pinstriping, and stencil tape striping are three different ways you can pinstripe a car. Freehand pinstriping is the most technical of the three methods, requiring special paint and brushes to create a unique design. You won’t want to try this yourself unless you are artistically inclined and have a steady hand.

For mechanical pinstriping, on the other hand, you simply need to use a magnetic adhesive stripe that you can shape to a vehicle’s contours. This is typically done on large trucks, vans, or any vehicles with long body surfaces.

Finally, stencil tape striping is done with a special pinstriping tape that you can first shape and then press onto the body of your car. This is the simplest method, but is also highly customizable.


4 Pinstriping Items You Should Consider Picking Up

Considering that there are three different ways to pinstripe a vehicle, there are a number of different pinstriping tools and materials you can use, depending on what sort of look you’re going for. Here are four different items that you should consider adding to your pinstriping kit.


  1. 3M 03614 Scotch-Mount ½” x 15’ Molding Tape

This easy-to-use and strong bonding car pinstripe tape will stay stuck to your ride in any condition and is perfect for covering up any unwanted marks or adding the perfect accent to your vehicle’s body.


  1. Mack Sword Pinstripe/Pinstriping Brush Set & KustomShop Pinstripe/Pinstriping Brush Preserving Oil

If you’re looking to try your hand at freehand pinstriping, you’ll need a good set of brushes. You’ll also want to keep some brush preserving oil on hand, as this will help keep your brushes in the best condition by maintaining the brushes’ softness and shape as well as preventing the build up of paint on the heels of the brushes.


  1. Car Interior Molding Trim, 3D DIY 5 Meters Electroplating Color Film Car Interior Exterior Decoration Molding Trim Strip Line

Pinstriping doesn’t solely have to be for the outside of your vehicle. You can also spice up your car’s interior as well, and this flexible and durable molding trim is perfect for applying to even those hardest to reach corners.


  1. Trimbrite T9005 Black-Out Tape

This easy-to-apply and self-adhesive tape is ideal for covering up any scratches or marks on black moldings. You can also use it to cover up any chrome accents and restyle as you see fit.


How to Remove Pinstripes from Your Car

If you want to remove pinstripes from your car for whatever reason, there are a couple ways you could go about it without damaging your paint. First, you could use a hair dryer to heat up the pinstriped area, and then once the applied pinstripes are loosened enough, you could use something like a credit card to peel them off, taking special care to avoid leaving any marks. Be sure to apply a residue removal product like Goo Gone, and then finish the area with a layer of wax.

You could also pour rubbing alcohol onto a rag and scrubbing the affected areas before gently peeling off any pinstripes or decals and removing any residue. Whatever method you do choose to employ, be sure you don’t use a knife or any other sharp tool as this could easily lead to unwanted exterior damage.


Pinstriping Can Be a Fun and Cheap Way to Pimp Out Your Ride

Car pinstriping is a great way to make your car pop without breaking the bank. It doesn’t hurt that you can also have some fun in the process. To get the most out of your pinstriping experience, be sure that you dedicate enough time and effort to any pinstriping project. Of course, you want the finished product to be turning heads, but ultimately, if you yourself are happy with the end result, then it’s a success.

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