Best Car Exhaust Mufflers for Added Performance

6 of the Best Car Exhaust Mufflers for Added Performance

You may not have put too much thought into the importance of a high-quality muffler before, but if you are looking to get the most out of your car experience, you want to have the best muffler possible.

But which performance muffler is the right one for you? Here, to better guide you on your journey to finding that perfect exhaust tail muffler, we will look at six of the best performance mufflers on the market, from the bare bones models to the high-powered race mufflers.

What Does a Muffler Do?

Simply put, a muffler minimizes engine noise. Without getting into too much detail, a muffler is specifically designed with a number of various chambers and tubes that create opposing sound waves, which, in turn, cancel out the engine’s sound before it comes out of the exhaust tips. Sounds like something out of a Bill Nye the Science Guy episode, but hey, it gets the job done.

Not convinced of the importance of mufflers yet? Well, you need a muffler for your car to be street legal, so there is always that. Drivers who are looking to maximize their car’s performance (aka go really, really fast and make a serious impression on the road) are not so fond of most mufflers since they do restrict a car’s exhaust system to a degree. However, there are several performance mufflers out there that are able to effectively decrease the necessary amount of engine sound, while also providing the minimum amount of performance restrictions. We will touch on a few of those models next.

6 of the Best Performance Mufflers

There are a number of different types of performance mufflers out there, but here are six of the best on the market.

APEXi Universal Oval Single-Tip Muffler

With the majority of their products designed for Honda, Subaru, and Toyota, APEXi is a Japanese-based company that typically operates in the world of motorsports. With that in mind, this model is perfect if you want a muffler with limited performance restrictions.

BBK Vari-Tune Adjustable Performance Muffler

Did you know that you can actually change the sound of your muffler? Well, you can with the BBK Vari-Tune. A quick adjustment can switch up the muffler’s sound to your liking (from a head-turning growl to a quieter rumble), and its universal fit means it can be used on just about any car out there.

Borla S-Type Series

If you are looking for a sleek-looking, high-powered exhaust system, Borla has got you covered. You will feel like you are in one of the Fast and Furious movies when you are driving around with a Borla product. And the best part? It is street legal in all 50 states.

Crafted from T-304 stainless steel (which also just so happens to be corrosion-resistance), the S-Type Series offers high-quality sound, easy installation, and added torque as well as horsepower-bolstering capabilities.

Corsa Xtreme Series

If you want to make an impression with the sound of your engine, the Corsa Xtreme Series is the muffler for you. The horsepower your ride will get thanks to this bad boy will leave you oh-so-satisfied, and the design is as slick as ever. The fact that it is backed by a lifetime warranty also doesn’t hurt.

Flowmaster Force II

This is for drivers who want that top-of-the-line performance without an over-the-top sound. Sometimes subtlety is key, and while you may not hear it coming, you will certainly feel the performance difference. That means better horsepower capabilities as well as increased fuel efficiency. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Magnaflow Exhaust Systems

Sound, performance, and power. That is what Magnaflow promises with their exhaust systems, and boy, do they deliver. From the Pro Series Particulate Filter Back Exhaust to the MF Series Cat Back Exhaust, Magnaflow offers a number of different types of systems so that you are guaranteed to make a statement. The easy installation of each model and lifetime warranty should leave you pleased with your experience.

Choosing the Right Muffler for You

Best Car Exhaust Mufflers for Added Performance

When it comes to your car’s muffler, you need to decide what it is you are looking for. A muffler, for many people, is simply a necessary utility. For others, however, it is a customizable accessory. It can just sit on your car, unnoticed, or it can cause people to whip their heads around as you drive by (don’t expect everyone to be happy about it, though). There are also different ways you can trick out your muffler, such as getting a slick car exhaust muffler tip pipe.

If you are willing to invest the right amount of time and effort into a quality performance muffler, then you will be on the road to getting the most of your driving experience in no time.

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