10 Best Electric Air Duster Of 2022

Maintaining a clean battle station is almost as crucial as RGB lighting, as anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer is already aware. Consider upgrading to an electric air duster specifically made to blow the dust off of your delicate devices in a more environmentally friendly way rather than spending a fortune and producing a lot of waste by tearing through cans of compressed air.

A pressurized blast is used to provide an air duster, also known as “canned air,” “compressed air,” and “dusting gas,” which knocks free dust and dirt. Consider it a portable alternative to an air compressor line. This tool can clear computer vents, blow cookie crumbs out of keyboards, and even pry small open pores in SMT (surface mount technology) stencils used in PCB assembly. It’s one of those things that appears straightforward yet causes a lot of misunderstandings in consumers. This article will discuss the most frequent queries and misunderstandings concerning duster. If we didn’t address your specific query, kindly let us know in the comments section or get in touch with us, and we’ll get back to you.

Best electric air duster With Specifications

1. Compressed Air Duster, New Generation Canned Air, 33000 RPM Electric Air Can for Computer Keyboard Electronics Cleaning, 6000mAh Rechargeable Battery, Reusable Dust Destroyer

Features :

  • With its high portability, you can truly use it anywhere. You don’t have to find a plug every time, simply hold the bottom and the high pressure 33000 rpm air could wipe away most of small stuff.
  • Ready to forget disposal air cans. 10W fast charge (3 hours fully charged) along with 6000mAh rechargeable battery make our new generation duster keep a 30 minutes long run.
  • Thin and long nozzle makes it easier to clean corners or place where hand cannot reach. The nozzle is removable for better space utilization. Perfect for Keyboards, computer case, car seats, or even your le go toys.
  • Scientific ergonomic design make it super easy to use and you will no longer holding a cold can when blowing things away. More comfortable/cost-effective than constantly purchasing canned air
  • Two modes capable on this device: MANUAL mode for exact spot cleaning; AUTO mode allows the duster continuously work to make a thorough cleaning

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.66

2. SIN SHINE – Compressed Air 3.0- Multi-Use Electric Air Duster for Cleaning Dust, Hairs, Crumbs, Scraps for Laptop, Computer, Replaces Compressed Air Cans (AD01-Black)

Features :

  • Multi-use – Our SIN SHINE electric air blower can be used for any of your expensive electronic devices, such as your computer keyboard, laptop, copy machine, medical equipment, camera, model vehicles, and blinds etc.
  • Alternative to Compressed Air – Inexpensive and nontoxic .you can save money,gas,water and protect the environment. This is a onetime investment so you will never need to buy canned air ever again.you can own a SINSHINE Electric Air Duster
  • Powerful and effective – Our dust blower can blow at 27m/s and 67.5MPH immediately and continuously provide high-pressure air to remove dust, debris and dust from any electronic equipment in the home or office. At the same time it has strong light irradiation-easy to point to the clean area.
  • Handy Design & Simple Operation – having an extra-long 10-foot cord and with a weight of only 1.9 pounds.With a momentary switch to hold and press for power, It automatically turns off when button is released
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – Buying on Amazon is a easy job that you can do it without any worry of the product quality and after-sales services. If there is anything that you are not satisfied with, We will refund or replace without any questions.

Additional Info :

Color Ad01-black
Item Dimensions
Height 7.8
Width 5
Length 6.9

3. Compressed Air Duster,Fulljion 3-Gear to 51000RPM Electric Air Duster Portable Air Blower with LED Light, 6000mAh Rechargeable Cordless Air Duster for Computer Keyboards,Swimming Rings,10W Fast Charge

Features :

  • [Adjustable 3 Speed Modes]: The air duster is equipped with an upgraded 51000 RPM motor, which provides super airflow for deep cleaning. Press 3 seconds and hold the power on, click the button, you can switch 3 airflow modes (33000 RPM, 38000 RPM, 51000 RPM) for different equipment cleaning, so that dust has nowhere to stay.
  • [Rechargeable Battery and Fast Charging]: The cordless dust collector has a built-in 6000mAh battery, which can run continuously for 20-30 minutes. Comes with USB-C fast charging cable, fully charged within 3-4 hours (green light is always on: fully charged), can be charged by computer, mobile power supply, car charger, adapter.
  • [Multiple Uses]: Compressed air comes with 5 sets of nozzles, meet different needs.Suitable for dust removal of computer cases, keyboards, cars, fans, lily windows, etc.The multifunctional nozzle is used to inflate swimming rings, yoga balls, steamboats, air mattresses, inflatable toys, etc.
  • [LED Lights & Cordless Design]: LED lights automatically illuminate when turned on electric air duster, allowing you to easily clean up dark corners, bringing great convenience to your cleaning.With its ergonomic shape and cordless design, it’s small, lightweight, comfortable to hold, and easy to carry around.
  • [Environmental Protection and Energy Saving]: Compared with compressed air can, our cordless air duster do not produce chemicals, liquids or ice during the cleaning process. It protects your electronics from liquids. The air blower be used multiple times, it saves you money and protects the environment.
  • 【Lifetime Warranty】: ▲ We provide lifetime warranty, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our after-sales service at any time, we will do our best to solve the problem for you. ▲Please do not use the air duster when charging. ▲Please use the A-C cable for the charging cable, not the C-C cable.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 6.3
Width 2.6
Length 4

4. DOROBEEN Compressed Air Duster, Cordless Handheld Air Blower, Stepless Speed, 41000RPM, Portable Rechargeable Built-in Battery, Electric Air Duster for Computer Keyboard Electronics Cleaning

Features :

  • [New Upgrade]The motor speed of this air duster is increased to 41000RPM. The wind output is more powerful.For depth cleaning small dust, such as computers, keyboards, sofas, cars. Or some electronic devices that are not easy to clean.
  • [Stepless Speed]Equipped with a rotary switch, the wind power can be adjusted as required. The wind value is 0.5OZ-2.47OZ. It helps you to clean stubborn dust and fragile cleaning objects.
  • [Small & Powerful]The weight is only 0.69lb. The compact size is convenient for storage and carrying. The maximum speed is 41000RPM. The wind force it produces is unimaginable. The powerful compressed air thrust is your good helper.
  • [USB Charging]Built-in rechargeable battery. It can last for 3 hours under the minimum wind. You can use a 2A adapter (not included) for 10W fast charging. Greatly improve usability.
  • [Energy Saving]Repeatable rechargeable use. Suitable for long-term use and clean. No need to repeated purchase canned air. The electronic precipitator is clearly more energy saving and environmental protection.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 7.1
Width 2.7
Length 3.4
Weight 0.69

5. Compressed Air Duster, 2 in 1 Electric Air Duster and Vacuum, 3-Gear to 90000RPM/12000PA, for Cleaning Dust, Hairs, Crumbs for Computer, Keyboard, Electronics, Car, Replaces Compressed Air Cans

Features :

  • Compressed Air 4.0: The FierceVac Electric Air Duster is equipped with the newest performance motor that grants it the max speed up to 90000 RMP. Highest velocity offers a 12000 Pa blowing/suction force that allows you to clean debris or hairs littering every nook and cranny.
  • Economic 2 in 1: The outstanding feature is the combination of an air duster and a mini handheld vacuum in one device. Blowing the dust all over the place is quite annoying, using the suction function is literally a dust-free cleaning. Easy and economic with no hassle.
  • 3-Gear and 10 nozzles: The FierceVac electric duster has 3 wind speeds – 20m/s blowing force in 45000 RPM, 24m/s in 67000 RPM, 29m/s in 90000 RPM, superpower blowing force! It comes with 10 nozzles making cleaning any nooks or crannies possible! Nozzle 2 was born for office automation devices!
  • For various scenarios: With our compressed air duster & vacuum,cleaning off crumbs, hairs, dust from PC, keyboard, Sofa, camera lens or car; Evacuating the vacuum bag for storing fresh food or clothes; Burning the charcoal in BBQ, inflating a swimming pool, a yoga ball and etc., are all piece of cake!
  • No more canned air: This is real money-saving equipment. A cordless rechargeable air duster is definitely more economic than tons of disposable compressed air cans; What’s more, it is more eco-friendly, let’s be an environmentalist together!

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 1.7

6. KACNON Cordless Air Duster, Strongest Compressed Air Blower, 3-Gears Speed, 90000RPM, Powerful Electric Air Duster Replaces Air Cans for Computer Keyboard Electronics Cleaning, 7500mAh Rechargeable

Features :

  • 【Strongest Blowing & 3-Gear Adjustment】This is the strongest upgraded version of electric air duster in 2022!!! It is about twice the power of traditional air duster, which solves the problems of weak wind speed and insufficient battery power. Wind speed 3-gear adjustable (low speed: 50000rpm, medium speed: 70000rpm, high speed: 90000rpm) ,which can generate a strong air thrust close to 100m/s. Strong winds can precisely blow away 99% of the dust and greatly improved the cleaning efficiency.
  • 【7500mAh Battery & USB Charging】A rechargeable air duster that does not consume air and can be used repeatedly. The built-in 7500mAh large-capacity battery can be used continuously for about 40 minutes. Type-C fast charging allows you to fully charge in 4 hours. ★★ The charging indicator light flashes red during charging. When the charging LED is solid green, charging is complete. It can be charged from computer, phone or anywhere in the home, office or car, very convenient.
  • 【Inverted Jet Support & Easy to Operate】The main body of the air duster can be used in any direction, also can be upside down, which will easily removed the dust in hard-to-reach places! ★★ Long press the power button to start or turn off, short press to convert wind speed (50000-90000RPM). It has two types of nozzles for different purposes. Switching is very easy due to the sliding part of the brush. Round nozzles are used to blow dust. The brush tip can be cleaned more thoroughly.
  • 【Small & Lightweight & Easy to Carry】It is a small and light dust blower, very convenient to use without charging. The body weighs only about 1.05lb, and it can be easily cleaned by frail women and children with one hand. A compact and rechargeable keyboard cleaner that can adapt to different needs. It comes with a special storage bag so it can be easily carried anywhere.
  • 【Wide Usage & Satisfying Guarantee】Keyboard cleaning, pc, car air conditioner vents, blinds, personal computers, electric circular saws, wood chips for woodworking, printed circuit boards, electronic equipment etc. Firmly remove dust from all parts of the living room, such as house dust, pollen, computer keyboards, door thresholds, etc.❤We will responsible for you, if there is any issue about the computer duster, please do not worry and free to contact with us.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 1.08

7. Cordless Air Duster, Electric Air Duster, 3 Gear Speed 51000RPM, Compressed Air Duster with 5 Nozzles&Led Light 6000mAh Rechargeable Battery Noise ≤90DB, Air Duster Computer Keyboard Cleaning.

Features :

  • Powerful Cleaning: The electric air duster motor up to 51000RPM, with 3 gear speed modes, first gear 3.5kpa/25500RPM, second gear 4.9kpa/35700RPM, third gear 7kpa/51000RPM, blowing force can reach 28m / s, effectively clean the keyboard, computer, circuit boards, air conditioning, sofas in the dust and crumbs.
  • Portable and Rechargeable: The portable cordless air duster use 6000 mAh battery, 3.5 hours to fully charge, 20-30 minutes of continuous use, it can be charged using power bank, laptop, car charger, adapter (adapter not included), nozzle with removable design, easy to carry on the go.
  • Convenient Design: The air blower with LED lights, which is convenient for use in dark scenes and allows you to clean more carefully. The electric duster comes with 5 nozzles for different scenarios, whether it is dusting the surface of sofa, air conditioner or dusting the corners of computer and keyboard, it can be cleaned up.
  • Easy to Use: Press and hold the power button for 3-5 seconds to turn on/off the compressed air duster and LED light, turn on the default 1 gear, press the button up to second gear, third press up to third gears ,fourth press to turn off. Non-slip design on the side of the grip, weight 0.99lb, lightweight and easy to grip.
  • Customer Service: The product includes a air duster * 1, nozzle * 5, Type-c USB * 1, manual 1, the cordless air duster can be reused many times, you have any dissatisfaction in the use of the process can contact us through Amazon,We can replace or refund you.

8. Compressed Air Duster, Electric Air Duster, 6000mAh Rechargeable Air Blower, Type-C Fast Charge, Enhanced 40000 RPM-Stepless Speed Motor, Cordless Air Duster for Computer Keyboard Cleaning

Features :

  • 【The strongest Cordless Blower】Canned air duster and equipped with a Brushless 40,000 RPM motor that will be quieter to work with and last longer than competitors while cleaning almost anything safely. Some examples are Computors, Gas logs, Camera lenses, PS5, AC units, Furniture crumbs, Pet hair, and anything in a hard to reach area.
  • 【LED screen & Three-Speed Smart Mode】Compressed Air Duster comes with an LED screen. Long press the power button for 5 seconds on & off. Short press to switch between three speeds and the screen will display 01/02/03, which represents the wind value of different grades, respectively 50%, 70%, and 100%.
  • 【Fastest Recharger the Electric Air Duster】6000mAH high-capacity batteries, even with the compressed air duster turned on at full power, you will enjoy a continuous operation for nearly 40 minutes, and with the fast charger using a standard Type-C cable, you can quickly recharge and use it again.
  • 【Eco-Freindly and safe】There are gases like tetrafluoromethane or Butane that are flammable and used to produce the air, Just the natural air we breathe. You won’t risk fire or harming your electronic devices or sensitive components as in conventional canned Air dusters. You will be happy if you chose this more energy-efficient and environmentally conscientious product.
  • 【Fast delivery & sales service】(with our FBA fast delivery you can receive this in just one day). We offer a 1-year warranty from the purchase date. We value product quality and customer experience highly. If you are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.3
Width 4.25
Length 7.25
Weight 1.2566348934

9. Electric Air Duster, Cordless Air Duster, Rechargeable Compressed Air Duster, 33000 RPM Air Blower, Two Smart Start Modes, Good Replacement for Compressed Air Can, Reusable Dust Destroyer…

Features :

  • 🌀【Powerful Deep Cleaning】 The wind power of the Cordless air duster can reach 33000RPM , Can produce super-strong airflow, Blowing force 0.98-1.16OZ . It is a substitute for compressed air and can be recharged and used repeatedly. It is more energy-efficient and environmentally than constantly buying canned air. For cleaning computers, camera lenses, Sofas, electronic equipment, medical equipment, etc.
  • ⚡【Dual smart start mode】Long press the power button to start working until you release the power button; double press the power button to work continuously until you press the power button again.The indicator light is on when starting work.The air duster is structured with an extended full-palm gripping design to let users grip it at their comfort.
  • 🌀【Cordless Air Duster】The cordless air duster only 3.3*2*7 inch ,Easy to carry when going out. Provide two nozzles for this electric air duster. The slender nozzle is suitable for cleaning corners or places beyond the reach of hands like computer cases, the brush nozzle is suitable for rugged surface dusting like electronic keyboards.
  • ⚡【Rechargeable Electric Air Duster】The electric air duster is equipped with fast charging port, can be quickly charged in three hours, which can run continuously for15- 30 minutes. The use time depends on the blowing force. You can charge it through the car charger, mobile power laptop.
  • 🌀【After-sales service】This compressed air duster allows more than 5,000 times of use, You can save money rather than buy the compressed air cans ever again, We offer 1 year warranty from the purchase date. Please feel free to contact us through Amazon if you are not happy with the purchase or encountered any problems.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 7
Width 2
Length 3.3
Weight 0.66

10. Electric Air Duster,Cordless Air Duster Electric Blower Computer Compressed Air Duster for Cleaning Computer Keyboard PC, Portable Rechargeable Cordless Air Blower, 37000 RPM Compressor

Features :

  • 🌀【Powerful Cordless Air Duster】Canned air for electronics ,air duster , It is a substitute for compressed air and can be recharged and used repeatedly ,suitable for printed circuit boards to computers, electronic instruments, medical devices, which can not be cleaned by your traditional wiper or duster. model vehicles, laptop,car interiors,sofa, camera, air conditioner, fan etc,Deep cleaning makes the dust nowhere to stay.
  • 🌀【Air Duster Electric Healthlier Environmental 】Pressurized air Spray is a substitute for compressed air and can be recharged and used It is more energy-efficient and environmentally than constantly buying canned air 10W fast charge (3 hours fully charged) along with 6000mAh rechargeable battery make our air duster keep upto 70 minutes working, Repeatedly charged through the Type-C cable fast charging, which is environmentally
  • 🌀【Air Spray for Computer】Our electric dusters are very portable, you can truly use it anywhere. duster spray simply hold the bottom and the high pressure 37000 rpm air It blows away all prior units! At the same time it has strong light irradiation-easy to point to the clean area.duster spray.
  • 🌀【Spray Air Dust Blower】Thin and long nozzle makes it easier to clean corners or place where hand cannot reach. The nozzle is removable for better space utilization.Air duster can be used as air pump. The inflatable mattress pump is small and lightweight, making it convenient to use it indoor and outdoor.
  • 🌀【Electric Air Duster】Pc cleaner cordless Air Blower with LED Light, 37000 RPM, 6000 mAh 10W Fast Charging, Replaces Compressed Air Cans ,Only need the price of 10 air tanks, you can have a reusable air duster, saving money and protecting the environment, it is a good product to replace canned air,the inflatable mattress pump is small and lightweight, making it convenient to use it indoor and outdoor.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3.1102362173
Width 5.1574803097
Length 7.4409448743

Everything You Need to Know About Air Duster

“Canned air” IS NOT “AIR DUSTER.”

The most aerosol duster contains a refrigerant or propellant that is not “air.” Breathing in too much of these fumes can hurt one’s health. The following propellants are most frequently used to fill compressed air dusters:

  • Because there is a chance that a spark could ignite a combustible material while spraying energized circuits, HFC-134a, a nonflammable substance, is most frequently used in industrial applications. It is being closely examined because of its high Global Warming Potential (GWP), which is 1400 times that of CO2. Look for “1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane” or CAS #811-97-2 on the back label.
  • The most widely used duster in consumer retail is HFC-152a since it is less expensive than HFC-134a. It is flammable and will catch fire if exposed to a spark or flame while concentrated (i.e., in liquid form). The advantage of HFC-152a over HFC-134a is that it has a lower GWP (130). Look for “1,1-difluoroethane” or CAS #75-37-6 on the back label.
  • HFO-1234ze is a more recent, nonflammable substance introduced in the past ten years as a very low GWP (1) substitute for HFC-134a. When sprayed, it essentially looks identical to HFC-134a, is non-flammable but regrettably costs a lot more money. Look for “trans- 1,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene” or the CAS number 29118-24-9 on the back of the label.
  • Due to the inconsistent spray force, CO2 is less common. The cartridges are tiny and have little capacity because of the higher pressure. As the cartridge empties, the spraying power decreases. Search for “carbon dioxide” or CAS #124-38-9 on the back of the label.
  • DME – Due to safety and environmental issues, DME is rarely utilized and is frequently illegal. Due to its high flammability and status as a volatile organic compound (VOC), DME has the potential to contribute to smog. The other duster substitutes are all VOC-free. Look for “Dimethyl ether” or CAS #115-10-6 on the rear label.
    Retail/consumer dusters are not the same as industrial dusters.
  • Consumer merchants are frequently where shoppers turn when shopping for the best deal. Consumer duster is frequently imported from abroad and made as inexpensive as possible. It isn’t intended for industrial use, though, and may cause problems.

Typically, retail duster contains HFC-152a. Propane (the same propane used in your gas grill) or butane can usually be found on a can of aerosol hairspray (the same butane in a Bic lighter). These substances are employed not because they are secure but affordable. Safety in industrial markets is a primary priority, and OSHA closely monitors things (in the US specifically). As a result, HFC-134a is more commonly used in industrial sectors despite its higher cost.
Purity may be in question, yet, industrial consumers rely on reputable industrial brands because of the high level of quality control. The material is heavily filtered to prevent moisture and other contamination, and controls are put in place.
Bitterant is often included in retail dusters as a huffing-prevention additive. When a duster is used in the home, there is the worry that children will intentionally breathe it in (a practice known as “huffing” or “dusting”), which can occasionally have catastrophic results. Bitterant, which imparts a foul flavor to the duster, is applied to prevent this. This same bitterant may leave behind unwelcome and potentially hazardous residues on delicate surfaces like electrical circuit boards.
Verify the fill weight. Retail duster can be found in a range of fill weights, such as 3.5 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, and bigger (the amount of material in a can). Since the spray can size might not change, the label is the only place where this parameter can be reliably assessed.

Does Dust Damage Your PC?

If you’re reading this, it’s because you already know how important it is to keep your expensive devices, especially those with ventilation fans, dust-free. But if you’re still not sure whether it’s necessary to dust your computer, I’m here to reassure you that it is.

Even if you have a positive pressure system and air filters on your fans, dust will still enter your computer. When the dust bunnies truly gather, they might obstruct ventilation in your computer casing and lead to overheating of the components. Before it has a detrimental effect on the performance of your PC, you must stay on top of it. In most cases, a pricey part replacement is required to match.

Check out this IT World article on the perils of dust for a first-hand experience of the havoc dust can cause on a computer.

When Should You Dust Your Computer?

You have therefore promised to keep your PC tidy. Great. How often should you, however, actually open your case so you may blow away the dust? Where your computer is kept will determine the answer.

In general, you should lightly dust your case every three to six months, but if you keep your desktop on the floor, where dust tends to collect, you might want to clean your case more frequently. The same rule holds true if you have dogs in the house because the hair and dander they shed might harm internal parts.

Compressed air can vs. an electric duster

Thus, you should routinely dust. Check. But what’s wrong with occasionally giving your PC a quick once-over with a can of moisture-free compressed gas? Although compressed air cans from companies like Dust-Off may get the job done, they are overpriced and will cost you far more over time than an electric duster.

The use of compressed air cans is also cumbersome. They must only be used briefly because they could get too cold and result in frostbite. Additionally, they must be used standing up straight to prevent leaks of the liquid difluoroethane within.

The worst part is that compressed air cans are single-use and require special recycling due to their steel construction. Don’t worry that using them causes you to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. No thanks.

Electric dusters have several obvious benefits. They do various tasks around the house and are more powerful and environmentally friendly than compressed air cans. Some are even capable of blowing up air beds.

Some Cautions Regarding the Use of Electric Dusters

These electric air dusters are powerful, as I’ve already indicated, and they should be treated with respect like any other power instrument. They shouldn’t be used around pets or young children under five because they are technically loud enough to require ear protection when used for an extended period.

Air is safe for computers, but static electricity in the air is a different story. Even while ABS plastic, the material used to make almost all of these electric dusters, doesn’t carry much of an electric charge, you should be aware of this and ground yourself by touching your computer casing or any other large metal item before cleaning.

Consider an ESD-safe model like the DataVacPD500-ESD if you live in a very dry environment where the static charge can build up readily.


What Other Features Do Aerosol Dusters Have?

  • High spray force – There is a maximum amount of force that each type of Techspray can produce. The most promising is HFC-134a, followed by HFC-152a, while HFO-1234ze is well behind them all. Compared to HFC-134a, the HFC-152a has a roughly 10% lower potential for force generation, and the HFO-1234ze has a roughly 33% lower potential for force generation. Techspray provides duster products with even greater spray forces by regulating output through the valving and the sprayer. The Vortex Duster produces around 60% greater force than other HFC-134a dusters.
  • A convertible Aerosol duster valving is often designed to only allow for right-side-up or, at most, a 45o angle of spraying. The propellant is primarily liquid under high pressure, with vapor filling the can’s space. Aerosol dusters release propellant vapors when you spray them. The liquid begins to spray out as you turn the container, and it does so at an extremely low temperature (as low as -60oF/-51.5oC). TechsprayVortex ®’s 360 is specially made to spray just gas when you rotate the container. As a side note, this also explains why spraying spray paint is a terrible practice and why shaking up a can of duster is a bad idea before use. If you shake the duster, the liquid propellant is more likely to spit out as you begin spraying.
  • Chrome trigger/refill cans — Some dusters come with a refill can with a threaded valve and a chrome trigger sprayer. You can buy refill cans and reuse the sprayer thanks to these components. The chrome sprayer’s advantage is its ability to adjust ESD (electrostatic discharge) and spray force with greater precision. As you spray, the typical plastic sprayer has the ability to accumulate a static charge. The chrome trigger has the ability to be grounded and is conductive so that it won’t accumulate a charge. If the sprayer is in close touch with the user’s hand and the user is grounded, for instance, the sprayer may also be grounded.
  • Spray a brief three- to five-second burst at room temperature to get the most force out of a can of the duster. Continuous spraying of an aerosol duster causes it to cool down since it functions as an effective heat sink. The resultant force will be significantly reduced due to the can temperature and internal pressure reduction.

What Are a Few Aerosol Duster Alternatives?

Shop for air Dropping an airline regularly occurs in an industrial setting. In this instance, a compressor continuously maintains air pressure in the line. Although you are bound to the airplane, it can be a cost-effective way to blow off the dust, dirt, and other impurities. This expansion becomes impractical when performing in-house or outdoor tasks requiring greater flexibility. Furthermore, both ambient air and compressor oil have the potential to contaminate the airline.
Plug-in or battery-operated mechanical dusters are available. When compared to aerosol dusters, which need to be replenished once each can is empty, they can be less expensive. However, the actual spray force from mechanical dusters can be as much as 60–70% lower than that of an aerosol duster and as loud as 90 kB. (similar to the volume of a lawnmower).
Photographers are likely familiar with the bulb-type blowers frequently used for cleaning lenses. These might be a cost-effective option for very light dust, but their force is far less than what aerosol dusters do.
The information above shows that attention must be given even when selecting a commonplace consumable like a duster. Get in touch with your dealer or us to determine which duster is best for your application.

Choosing the Best Keyboard Dusters and Vacuums

Fortunately, asking a few straightforward questions will help you choose the best answer.

Your cleaning task

What particularly do you wish to clean up, you must ask yourself? You won’t need powerful airflow if all you want is a keyboard duster. A vacuum won’t likely be something you want to use either. Because using a blower will make it much simpler to reach those difficult-to-get areas.

If you’re cleaning the inside of a computer case, air pressure is generally less important to you than air longevity. Because of the possibility for static as well as the actual blowing forces that could affect your circuits or cables, any use of vacuums around PC components should be done with caution.

Dusters vs. Blowers

Compared to dusters, vacuums operate a little differently. If you decide to use a vacuum-capable gadget, you should consider the filters it employs. More specifically, if you’ll need to buy replacements. Most of the time, these kinds of issues can be avoided.


You only truly have one attachment nozzle when utilizing bottled air. Usually, a little straw is used. You can select from a choice of different attachment nozzles with specialized equipment. They are produced using nozzles that vary in length, width, and form. And it may affect both the accessibility of the airflow and the rate at which it moves.

Source and Type of Power

You’ll discover that a device linked to a cord produces a stronger output than a wireless item. But you likely don’t need that power output unless you’re trying to clean on an industrial scale.

For instance, you don’t need to pay close attention to the output’s strength if all you’re doing is trying to blow some air out of your PC case or clean up your keyboard. Any duster or blower would do, as long as it wasn’t absolute garbage.

However, you should consider a wired option if you expect your cleaning gadget to be used more frequently or with higher throughput. Hybrid wired and wireless devices are also a common option.

Primary Portability

There are definite benefits to being wireless, and most don’t require any explanation. Additionally, portable handheld devices typically feature a better ergonomic layout. However, it’s still important to ensure the model you choose is mobile and that its features meet your requirements.

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