Best Dash Cover for Your Car

Choosing the Best Dash Cover for Your Car – What You Need to Know

Whether your car is new or second hand, it still needs love and care. A well taken care of car will take care of you for a longer time than one that is not. Many times, people wax their cars on the outside and give their cars a thorough cleaning on the inside. That is good, very good. But often times we forget to properly take care of one important part of the car. The dashboard.

I know you apply those fancy (and at times expensive) formulas that promise to work wonders for your car, that’s good too. But not the best.

The best is to get a car dash cover. Not just any dash cover, the best dash cover befitting your car (and you).

You’re probably cringing and thinking dash covers are car decorations for “oldies” – you couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me give you 5 reasons your car needs a dash cover. Here we go.

​5 Good Reasons to Invest in the Best Dash Cover

Protects Your Dash From Sunlight

Sunlight and UV rays are your dash’s worst enemy. And the location of your dash (directly under the windshield) doesn’t make things better. The sunlight will cause your dash to fade and crack, creating a ghastly sight out of one of the most good looking parts of your car’s interior. That alone should cause you to spin your wheels to the nearest auto accessories shop. Oh wait, you can even order online.

Prevents Heat Damage and Reduces Interior Temperature

Best Dash Cover for Your Car

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Remember the heat wave that greats you when you get into your car after leaving it closed for a long time? Your car feels it too and suffers as a result of it. Without a dash cover, your dash will warp and get disfigured. Not only does a dash cover protect your dash from the heat, it also cools your car interior by preventing the dash from reflecting the heat into your car. Don’t take the interior heat of your car for granted, it does more damage to your car and yourself than you can imagine. For one, the heat causes plastic particles in the car to turn into gases that are carcinogenic. You need that dash cover.

​Wards off Dust, Dirt, and Disfiguration

Another reason to get a dash cover is to protect your dash from dust. Dust is a silent killer. When it sticks to your dash, it will slowly tear away at the dash, slowly disfiguring your dashboard. There is nothing as terrible looking as a dashboard that has been disfigured by dirt build-up – gross.

Best Dash Cover for Your Car

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​Hopefully, I’ve encouraged you to get a dash cover for your beloved car.  Whatever your style, there is a dash cover to suit you, you can get anything from a plastic dash cover to suede, and from floral to animal print. So which is the best dash cover for you and your car? I’ll give you 3 brands to choose from. As to which is the best dash cover brand, that will depend on your taste.


​Dash Designs Suede Dashboard Cover

Dash Designs D0628-0BBK Black Brushed Suede Dash Cover
  • Material: brushed suede
  • Custom fit dashboard cover protects your dashboard from harmful ultraviolet rays
  • The image displayed may be different from the actual design/cut for this part number
  • Durable woven fabric
  • Dash designs custom dash covers protect your dashboard from harmful UV rays that can cause discoloration or cracking

​Dash designs craft ultra modern dash covers to suit any car and any style. Choose from their 2 styles of suede and enhance the interior of your car while prolonging its life as well.

  • ​Brushed suede. Their brushed suede will match any interior, and definitely brings out the elegant look of any interior.
  • ​Sedona Suede. If you are looking to give your interior a sporty look, this is the dash cover to “dorn” on your dash.

Best Dash Cover for Your Car


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​CoverKing Molded Dash Cover

Coverking Custom Fit Dashboard Cover for Select RAM 1500/Pickup Models - Molded Carpet (Black)
  • Made from finest polycarpet material
  • Molded to the exact shape of your dashboard
  • Thermo-formable backing for added shape retention
  • One piece construction with no seams or stitching
  • Made to the exact specifications of your vehicle; guaranteed not to warp, shrink or curl

​Coverking Molded Carpet Dash Cover can be custom made to fit the exact shape of your dashboard including cutouts for airbags and sensors. Coverking Molded Carpet Dash covers not only give your car a stylish, classic look, they also add a touch of your personality too.


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​DashMat Carpet Dashboard Cover (By Covercraft)

Covercraft DashMat Custom Dash Cover | 1541-00-25 | Compatible with Select Dodge Ram Pickup Models, Black
  • Compatible with: 2002-2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup, 2003-2005 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Pickup
  • DashMat dash covers are custom fit for a precise fit on your vehicle’s dash
  • Protects the dash surface from UV sun damage and reduces hazardous windshield glare
  • All vents & sensor openings pre-cut for a factory-finished look
  • Installs easily and securely with hook and loop fasteners

​This is another great choice. Covercraft prize themselves in creating modern dash covers for any car and any taste. If you get a DashMat carpet dashboard cover, you are getting your car an accessory you will truly enjoy, from the feel, the looks, and definitely the praises you will get from your passengers.  Besides, carpet ranks as one of the best dash cover materials due to the way it keeps your dash and car interior cool. Having been around since 1979, DashMat carpet dashboard covers are well respected and loved, and that because they deliver on their promises.

Best Dash Cover for Your Car

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​Cover Up! Choose Your Best Dash Cover Brand

Now that you know where to start, take a pick from these 3 dash cover brands and cover up your dash. The new look will give your car a new feel – and extend its lease of life.

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